Thornfield Embargo RN

Call Name: Murphy

Dam: Em (Wrangham Cathy Earnshaw RRD AD JDM SD)

Sire: Banjo (Mistral Acheron (IMP NZL))

Born: 23rd April 2015

Sex: Male (entire)

Colour: Liver and white

Health: Clear by parentage for PRA, Fucosidosis and PFK deficiency

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Murphy is living a fabulous life with his family in Victoria and is in training for Nose Works and Retrieving. He also does body awareness and strengthening exercises and helps his owner in dog education programs.

Murphy's owner is an experienced dog trainer but they are learning a whole lot of new skills together.



  • 30th September 2017: Qualifying score and TITLE in Novice Rally-O at Berwick Obedience Club's trial. Murphy will now be officially known as Thornfield Embargo RN.

Knox Winners - 0033-2

  • 17th June 2017: 7th place and qualifying score at Hastings Obedience Club's Rally-O trial



  • 2nd April 2017: passed the Odour Recognition Test (ORT) - Anise. Although it's not a timed event, Murphy smashed it out in less than 3.5 seconds! Impressive!


  • 2nd October 2016: Jo and Murphy competed in Nose Work 1, which is comprised of four elements: container search, interior building search, exterior area search and vehicle search. They not only placed 3rd in the container search but also 2nd in the exterior area search and THIRD PLACE OVERALL!



  • 3rd July 2016: passed the Odour Recognition Test (ORT) - Birch at the first Australian Canine Scent Work ORT to be held in Victoria



Living with Murphy

What his owner and trainer says...


Well, where to begin!

I can jump in the deep end and start with just how amazing and loving they are; how full of life and joy; how emotionally connected they quickly become to their owner and handler; how empathetic they are to your feelings and how connected as a team and companion that goes beyond any other in this material world that we live in today…

Or I can start out slowly and say that from the outset I loved my Gundogs – growing up in England and living with an Irish Setter was the first step from when I was just 2 years old. My first introduction to the field bred ESS was when I was only a kid – 11 or 12 years I think, and I was introduced to two fine dogs that lived with a relative in the Oxfordshire hills. I watched them run, spring and bounce through meadows, career through a forest and reappear with the slightest whistle and call from their owner.  I was instantly in love and hooked on these amazing dogs.

My first dog that I owned in England was a Springer cross – farm bred and hard working. He was amazing and helped teach my young kids to walk and even as a puppy would stand and allow them to hold onto his back as they tottered along. 

Many years and experiences have passed since then and I owned a Cavalier – possibly springer x – and a ‘show’ Springer, both re-homed to us since 2007.

I met Sally Haynes with Em when Em was just a pup of a few months old. I stood back and watched the two interacting – regardless of the chaos around them at an agility trial in Victoria  and once again my love for this breed was rekindled. I am pleased to say that our paths continued to crossed over the next few years and when she mentioned that Em may be having her first litter of puppies I was keen to meet up and play!

Murphy is the “Son of Em’ – first born and cheeky – how did I know he was for me? He climbed up on my arm when snuggling and chewed my zip toggle!! That was it – the very first interaction and he was already being cheeky!! Loved him straight away!

And in a nutshell that is what an ESS is all about – snuggles and cheeky behaviour all rolled into one – an activity level that meets and matches your own.  A love to be with their owner and doing tasks together.

We get up early somedays – and head out training – or bushwalking for fun (when it's safe to do so due to snakes!!) Other days we snuggle up on the couch, drink coffee – and chill! He knows to switch off and settle when I am working at my desk – but is ready to move and be active when I stand up and head for my boots.

Murphy is a great addition to the busy family life and will readily greet the children and their friends.

 He is social and friendly with other dogs and is a great participant of  classes and education seminars where children from 10yrs to 20yrs all learn how to interact, how to teach and how to train dogs.

Murphy is always willing to learn and explore, a natural enthusiast when outside and will run and swim with a joy like no other. His love of water even caught me off guard at first – but we worked together to capture this ability and use it as a reward for recalls and working with me when we are out adventuring.

What can you prepare for if you want to live with an ESS? Mud, water, fun and activity – snuggles, empathy and compassion from a dog that understands you and lives to work for and interact with you.  A dog that wants to learn, that wants to be with you, a dog that wants to please. 

An ESS will become part of your life, part of your family and more than your best friend.

JULY 2016

Dog Training with Recallers Games is Freedom from Jo Bates on Vimeo.


Dog Training using Recallers Games is the Gateway to Success from Jo Bates on Vimeo.