Training Resources

Here at Thornfield we are big fans of the following trainers and resources...

Online learning

Susan Garrett (Say Yes Dog Training)

We are proud students and alumni of Susan Garrett's online courses...RecallersPuppy Peaks, H360 and Agility Nation. Susan Garrett's Blog is also a great read. We always recommend Recallers to our puppy buyers - one of the best investments you'll ever make in your dog and in your skills as a trainer, whether you want to compete in dog sports or just have an awesome family pet. Sally is also an instructor in the online Recallers class - it's not a paid role but it's about being a trusted member of the community.


Recallers 5.0


Recallers 6.0

Dog Training Playing Recaller Games Is....A Plan!


Recallers 7.0

Dog Training Playing Recaller Games Is....The Difference Between What I've Got And What I Want!


Recallers 8.0



Dog Agility with Handling360 is WORTH IT!


Denise Fenzi

Denise Fenzi Blog

Fenzi Dog Sports Online Academy

Denise Fenzi Books


Karen Pryor

"If I Could Talk to the Animals: Reinforcement Interactions as Communication"

(The Art and Science of Animal Training Convention, 1992)


Videos and DVDs



VICTORIA, Australia

Awesome Paws Agility Training

Jo Bates (Crazy Canines)

Amanda Murcutt (Pawsitively Great Pets)

K9 Connect

TASMANIA, Australia

Every Dog

PERTH, Australia

Sue Hogben (Nifty Dog Training)


Veterinary Behaviourists (Victoria, Australia)

Dr Debbie Calnon (Behaviour Counselling Service)


Specialist Services

Aligning Canine Chiropractic

Animal Eye Care

Chirnside Park Reproductive Specialists

Melbourne Animal Cancer Care



Puppy Socialisation: An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness* by Caryl Wolff

The Focussed Puppy by Deborah Jones and Judy Keller

Control Uneashed: The Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt

Positive Gun Dogs by Jim Barry, Mary Emmen and Susan Smith

*denotes also available as an e-book



Crate Games by Susan Garrett

2x2 Weave Pole Training by Susan Garrett

The Fundamentals of Animal Training by Bob Bailey



Puppy Sounds by Dean Lake


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