April 2015

Em (Wrangham Cathy Earnshaw RRD JDM SD) x Banjo (Mistral Acheron (IMP NZL))

Born 23rd April 2015

Clear by parentage for PRA, Fucosidosis and PFK deficiency

  1. Liver & white male ("Jim" aka Thornfield Embargo, now known as Murphy)
  2. Black & white male ("Sir Humphrey" aka Thornfield Emblazon, now known as Humphrey)
  3. Black & white male ("Bernard" aka Thornfield Embody, now known as Zac)
  4. Liver & white female ("Dorothy" aka Thornfield Empower, now known as Ginny)


The prediction is four! Can you see them all?

D09B2C8D-0676-423A-AF1B-B73EE8B2E232_zpsuw12ihfw     A9078E57-0DD1-451E-BED9-1673B3DCA941_zpsxuvpyy8t


First born, Murphy (L) and second born, Humphrey (R):

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Zac and Ginny:                                                         All together:

8EE7E9C1-871A-4B48-94FD-5424E5161D58_zpscbr04onk     9AA657B5-DBC0-451D-9B66-FCBAC9799769_zpsalvdvyyh


Em was a very attentive and protective first-time Mum...

5A6CFE28-473D-440A-ABA8-FC25610E63A7_zpsoiz1cxus     B74CA0F7-EB8F-4525-BFA3-F3C7DF2115AA_zpspxcgkieu


Weigh in:                                                    New surfaces:

05742349-DF25-4CA0-8ABF-4E09CE2791B0_zpsovo2sqz4     3FBCC392-6002-4B64-AE62-ACA584900F79_zpswvuxfpvj


Early human contact aka cuddles!



On Day 3 we started Early Neurological Stimulation & Nail Trimming: building resiliant and tolerant puppies.

0AC94B6E-0955-41A1-AEAE-AD6B01BF0BA9_zpskfh5094c    10789841-C18C-4394-84A4-277FB1FB1C20_zpsism0sv8d


Even Mothers need a bit of mothering...






What a sight to behold...Day 11...



Day 13...eyes and ears are opening so this is the perfect time to start playing sound desensitisation CDs and expose them to everyday household noises such as the coffee grinder, blender, vacuum cleaner, dropping pots on the slate floor, slamming doors, banging gates and a variety of power tools. For this reason our whelping box is set up near the living area and everyone is instructed NOT to creep around the sleeping babies! Sheets and blankets are hung around a large pen to give Em a sense of security as woe betide the dog or cat or stranger who pokes their head in the box when the puppies are so vulnerable. We still have a little way to go before they can read complete sentences...                            

6EF05D47-DF72-4C14-871A-933565E16950_zpsdemn1tw7      534967B6-CAB4-459D-A694-C66CE3BD1349_zpsqwsnfv5l


Upside down goodness!

B7202C3E-645C-4EA5-AA30-A7698D655C5C_zpsl1fkqpyg      9283F5A3-FEBC-46A5-A368-17055E004329_zpszyyxvnkz


Getting mobile now...

F36E6791-691C-462F-8FDE-D9883A3AA12E_zps1pvwqmjo     D496B202-107D-4EE0-A2B1-19278D641D23_zpssrhniuyr


Time to change the puppy set up to accommodate their new level of activity...Em reminds Ziggy and the cats that she's not quite ready for visitors. The calico bag contains squares of material that have been exposed to various scents - the veterinary clinic and the forest to name but a few - so that we can stimulate the puppy's olfactory system in addition to the senses of sight, hearing, touch and taste.



New toys AND new visitors!

A8AEFBC8-C813-4FE1-95A7-F9AED2A8626C_zpsbl9rhro4     152C7867-6B3C-4254-99CB-69DD79C717AF_zps9a1akxcs


A new taste sensation and a (cat) tunnel adventure...

9EEEA7F0-A712-4B7C-8F42-00D3882AD233_zpsj0fhtvow     24345E2D-9675-4325-93BB-9CF7065BD4B0_zpssyn18sti


Exploring the great outdoors..."hello Uncle Ziggy!" As the puppies slowly wean and become more active, Em starts to relax and happily allows Zig and the cats to interact with them.

4387F27C-9403-4635-9B36-D4E14D2A5A09_zpso3owr34s     44C88A40-508B-42DB-8958-DFF00C3FAF1B_zpswu2qqbtv


Love the balance discs for building confidence...

B54C2A18-D829-417F-B83A-9DC2224FC83E_zpstnf6t7th     A21E85E5-0224-4FEC-947F-F37F5DC09D46_zpst7xg8nfm


So many adventures...



But there's always time for a top up from Mum and a snooze...

D9739515-66DF-418D-9831-F8289148CCAC_zpspr6fcezb     6061389E-9FC8-4200-A152-58CC7E580A1C_zpsoiw5xh6c


Thornfield puppies learn that crates are a great place to be...here we've placed a cat crate (sans door) on a wobbly balance disc to help pups prepare for their first car journey. Apparently it's quite relaxing! Dizzy was fascinated by what was in his crate.

B1BF4ED2-C17F-450D-8650-6945734D4FA8_zps6ewfsqqv      Cat%20crate_zpsglejupfx


Ginny meets the chickens and contemplates some gardening...

C6B1CCC4-C637-40BA-AE9E-EA8FC6E4EC2C_zps2btk1zkz      8BD8BD73-D4D3-4D77-A436-892FA70602A1_zpsbo2o0cpw


When people come over to cuddle...I mean socialise...the puppies we ask them to bring something novel. We've had puppy ramps and steps, balance discs large and small, a stethoscope, clippers, huge Christmas baubels and even this 1970s style lime green pouffe....the babies loved it and we were just pleased to be able to return it to our friend in one piece!

   King%20of%20the%20mountain_zpsididgajh   10411782_1446777255617313_2898402792840203190_n


When the puppies were 5.5 weeks old, Ziggy the Dalmatian and Sally had (literally) a flying visit to Brisbane for the 2015 Dalmatian Nationals. Zig was outstanding - Best in Obedience Trial, 1st place Masters Jumping, 1st place Masters Agility, 1st place Open Jumping, 2nd place Open Agility and Best in Jumping Trial - so I think he deserves a gratuitous photo of his own!



Back to puppy land and it was off to our wonderful vet for purely a social visit before we returned for vaccinations and microchipping. Plenty of lovely comments about our strong, healthy babies. 



And of course we couldn't go home without a new toy!



Puppies started turning their noses up at the minced chicken carcasses, much preferring to munch on quartered frames. 



Gumboots are pretty fun to chew as well!



Handsome boys!

IMG_0254_zps0recqaro      IMG_0235_zpsrl0weqcw


Mummy! Do you want to play?



Ginny is staying at Thornfield, so at 8 weeks of age it's time to start separating her from her brothers and embark on some new adventures...funnily enough the lads immediately ceased to escape from their pen...I wonder who was leading them astray...

E09ECC3F-90F2-4973-90C2-B55715734144_zpsvozzcyp8 IMG_5859_zpsrgjoef2x


The lads are learning that sit = please, a lesson that can be used throughout their lives!



Meanwhile, it's time for the boys to start heading off to their new homes....this is not goodbye but "au revoir" to Zac, Murphy and Humphrey...

Zac_zpsbfvf9v2o       1EA6DD78-CAD3-4DFB-ADC1-A8A2077412C0_zpsijfgqbrp




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